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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sri.Keshvendra Kumar IAS ( Director, HSE), 
Sri.P.K. Mohanan ( Hon'ble Minister for Agriculture )
 and Sri. Jagdeesh in the CATHARSIS meeting

Dignitaries in the stage 

 Students with Sri.Jagdeesh and
 Sri.K.P. Mohanan ( Hon'ble Minister for Agriculture ) 
Sri.P.K.Abdu Rabb ( Hon'ble Education Minister)
 inaugurating the programme 
Sri. Jagdeesh -Chief Guest

Sri.Sajudeen P.A (Joint Director-Academic) 
Presenting the Report of CATHARSIS 

A view of drama " Ithu Oru Gramathinte Katha" 

A view of drama " Ithu Oru Gramathinte Katha" 

Nurture Talents of Students-Sri.P.K.Abdu Rabb
Education should be aimed at nurturing the talents and skills of students. Education Minister P.K.Abdu Rabb was speaking after inaugurating a function organized to facilitate young participants of “CATHARSIS” a national drama camp. CATHARSIS was organized as part of the Higher Secondary Education Department’s Sitar Scheme which explores possibilities in study, research and application of art. Projects such as SITAR which help children identify their talents, bring about welcome changes in education
                Actor Jagdeesh, who was the chief guest on the occasion, said drama should be included in the school curriculam.
                Agriculture Minister Sri.K.P.Mohanan said that anybody with a handful of seeds and a mind to work would succeed in leading a healthy life. He also lauded the students for staging a play which encourages people to start farming in their backyards. Under SITAR, an art form is selected every year and the children imparted training in it. They also get an opportunity to interact with the artists. This year drama was selected as the art form for the year. Fifty selected students were given the opportunity to attend the workshop organized by the National School of Drama, New Delhi. Students created and staged the play: Ithu Oru Gramathinte Katha”. 


  1. iam anugraha paul .(one of the student who participated in the national camp of catharsis) .first of all i like to thank our cheif minister and education minister,hse director and nazeeb sir
    and all teachers ,specially asif sir and our rajesh sharma(sharmaji) ,amalraj sir and all others who help us to participate catharsis 2012
    .it was an unforgetable expereance

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