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Saturday, August 17, 2013



The One day planning and Module Preparation Workshop started with registration at 10 am. Thirteen District Coordinators and twelve Joint Coordinators attended the program.
The inaugural ceremony started at 10.30am. Welcome speech was made by Mr. H. Salahudeen, Supt., CG & AC. In his welcome speech he said that many hurdles have to be overcome by adolescent for their mental and physical development. The main aim of CG & AC is to recognize these hurdles that hinder their development and build up a new generation that is hardworking and enthusiastic and also to help them to understand the painful consequences of their youthful mistakes.
The program was presided by Mr. Satyan.S, Deputy Director, Academic. In his presidential address he pointed that the programme would heavily benefit the students.
The event was inaugurated by Mr. Keshvendrakumar, Director,DHSE . In his inaugural speech he said that all the programs of CG & AC are exceptionally good and told the coordinators to take this as a social service and make the students good citizens and also to have a key role in developing good personality and building a career for them. He also informed that this year as a part of RMSA, Career Guidance is extended to the High School level. To improve the conditions and infrastructure of school libraries he put forward some suggestions like each parent to donate one journal/magazine and with the help of other agencies find books for these libraries. He also said that arrangements should be made to visit orphanages, old age homes so as to inculcate social values and norms into the students and make them responsible citizens and help them to appreciate the society. This will equip children with social skills that would enable them to integrate into the mainstream rather than become isolated and depressed.
He added that DHSE is planning to conduct classes of eminent personalities like A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and Anupam Mishra (Environmentalist and water conservationist). We just need to consider the power and enthusiasm of youth who can transform our society. He wishes a very good eventful year to happen.
Vote of thanks was made by Mr. Aseef Reju, CG & AC. He said our respected Director is a true role model. He has a lot of ideas and enthusiasm. We have to cope up with him. Kerala’s Career guidance and Adolescent counseling is a model for other states.
The inaugural session ended at 11 a.m.
After tea break at 11.15 a.m., Mr. Hari. J.T., Faculty, Civil Service Academy, Maussori, delivered a presentation that was extra-ordinary. It was an eye-opener for the participants who attended the event.  The class was structured in a manner that it touched the minds of all the participants and explored the mindset and possible challenges a leader may encounter on the way forward. He encapsulated the exhaustive amount of information regarding  the importance of positive interaction, goal setting, multiple intelligence, self-awareness, IQ, EQ, leadership qualities, intimate area and energy levels . He explained it all with examples from the present day life. His explanation regarding body language and their meaning were very worthy and all the participants demanded that they need one such class in each district. The participants requested the Director to make necessary arrangements for the same and he agreed.
The doubt clearing session was also very informative.
Fr. Thomas Grace, Coordinator, Kollam and Ms. Sreekala P.G., Joint coordinator, TVPM expressed their gratitude to Mr. Hari J.T.  In her speech, Ms. Sreekala requested the Director to give orders to all Principals that as punishment students should not be sent out of the class room. The session ended at 2.30 pm.
At 2:50 p.m. post lunch break, Mr. Aseef Reju explained about the activities regarding Career guidance and Souhruda club of 2013 – 2014. He explained about the programs which are going to be conducted and their  objectives, fund allotment, students selection criteria, selection procedure, school level activities, career day celebrations, short film making, etc.  In his discussions he gave special reference to the Principal GHSS, Kakkat, Kasargodu for his special program “Karuthu” - training to girl students of that school in Taekwondo. It is a special project submitted by the Principal of GHSS, Kakkat.  Sri.Aseef assured that if any school/ coordinator submits a worthy project for the benefit of students, fund allotment will be made to such schools.

A detailed discussion was made on short film making. All the coordinators extended their hands for the success of the program.
A little confusion aroused regarding the selection procedure of the students for the district level program. Sri.Aseef insisted that only apt students are selected for the program and he explained the demerits if otherwise. First selection will be made by the career/souhrida coordinator at the school level and the remaining procedures will be made at the district level. For the district level test, questions should be provided by the CG & AC.
Another point was that DHSE is going to draw up plans for publishing a career hand book online, which would serve as a reference volume for science, commerce and humanities batch students, teachers and parents. For that a three day work shop is going to be conducted and the participants would spend 3 days exclusively for that. For selecting a team of workaholic members, DHSE is planning to invite write-ups of career related articles from the applicants and from them, selection will be made.
            For Souhruda club, DHSE is planning to prepare a “Theme Song” and a “Logo”.  Sri. Aseef said that it is decided to seek the participation of students, teachers and public for the preparation of the same.
A special training of four days at Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development., Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu is going to be conducted for 40 teachers, and the teachers attending the programme has to submit an undertaking that he/she will participate in all the programs arranged by CG & AC for 3 years.
DHSE is going to conduct an introductory training of four days for new Career guides/ Souhrida coordinators. As a first step the district coordinators have to take a ½ day session class to these participants to give them a clear idea regarding Career guidance / Souhrida club activities at the district level.
Sri.Aseef gave a detailed picture of the career day celebarations of this year. In every school, a special assembly will be held and the respective career guides will discuss the importance of selecting best career in life. Before each period teacher has to give a talk on 10 minutes about the Career prospective of his/her Subject. He also opined that in each school, one program should be conducted once in a month regarding
1        Celebration of days
2        Talk shows on particular subjects
3        Other innovative program
Souhrida coordinators should support the school health programme and WIFS programme of NRHM and provide necessary help to them and inform the details to the Directorate.
He told the coordinators about the importance of documentation and keeping the registers like Activity Register, Document file, Account register.
Some coordinators complained that they didn’t get enough cooperation from the Principl/ Colleagues. Mr. Satyan S.,D.D., Academic said that if the Career guides/ Souhrida coordinators increase their involvement in the school level activities they will surely get the honor from the Principal/colleagues.
In most schools, Principals are not ready to conduct the programme of CG & AC. Fake report and fake receipts were produced by them. In some schools they are not utilizing the fund allotted to them. Some school Principals are not ready to give honorarium to the coordinators. Considering all these, the Directorate has decided to set up a monitoring team to monitor the activities of Career guides / Souhrida coordinators.
Mr. Salahudeen, Supt., CG & AC, the backbone of the program wound up the program by saying that the programs that are implemented by the CG & AC should reach out to the students through Career guides / Souhrida coordinators. So each one of the participants should identify their role and work accordingly.
Overall it was a wonderful event worth a special mention.

Sreekala P.G.
Joint Coordinator


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